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Apart from contrary belief, sexual dysfunction is no longer a problem faced by the elderly. According to surveys, 70% of men are unhappy with the quality of their sex life. At this day and age, men are experiencing sexual problems at an increasingly younger age. They have difficulty getting arounsed. They lack endurance, and find it hard to maintain their erection, some may even suffer from premature ejaculation.

Mr.Alan is specifically developed as a solution for sexual challenges in the male population. Based on a healthy plant formula and fine plant extracts, our newest technology is used to strengthen bodily functions, microcirculation and metabolism. And in sequence, erection and a prolonged endurance is achieved.


Corynanthe Yohimbe

Kiwi Fruit

Combats erectile dysfunction

Kiwi, paired with pomegranate’s, are able to lower blood cholesterol and blood fat. It promotes digestion, enhancing physical fitness with its low sodium and high potassium content. Rich in arginine, kiwis promote blood circulation which combats erectile dysfunction, enhancing men’s sexual prowess by using nitric oxide.

Iranian pomegranates

Nourishes the liver and strengthens the body

Iranian pomegranates contains a variety of nutrients, including Vitamin C & B, organic acids, sugars, proteins, fats, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate juice relaxes the blood vessel walls and enhances the male erection with heavy blood flow. Known as a ‘superfruit’, it can reduce the risk of heart diseases and prevent prostate cancer. Overall, it nourishes the liver and strengthens the body.

Corynante Yohimbe

Stimulates sexual function

Known for stimulating male hormones and improving sexual ability, yohimbe has obvious effects in increasing penis length and improving sexual performance. Yohimbe extract can increase the blood flow of the penile area, helping solve erectile dysfunction and improving nerve impulses that play a role in orgasm. It also induces enhanced sexual function and governs stronger erections.


Relieves the kidney, helps with erection firmness and erectile dysfunction.

Originated from Japan, thin snow kombu are made from kelp off the shores of the eastern part of Hakkaido. It is rich in iodine and other nutrients that ensures the thyroid gland’s functions, and thus, it is a common remedy for hypothyroidism that causes decreased sexual desire and function. Additionally, thin snow kombu are also rich in zinc, that helps in increasing sperm count and sexual functions. Its effects are more prominent to the kidney, which is strongly connected to sexual functionality. Overall, the thin snow kombu relieves the kidney, helps with the firmness of the male erection and reduces erectile dysfunction.


Slows down penile decline

Easily absorbed by the human body, honey is very beneficial to semen as is a common aphrodisiac used in many countries. Potassium ions and Vitamin E in honey slows down penile decline and problems with sex hormone secretion that comes with age.


Increases sperm quality and increases chances of fertility

Mulberries are rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carotene, minerals and others. With long term consumption, it provides benefits to the kidney and is also deemed as ‘the best healthcare fruit in the 21st century’. Commonly used in treatments that combat infertility, the fruit increases sperm quality and increases chances of fertility.


Improve sexual functions and strengthens bone structure

A fruit filled with numerous Blackcurrants can lower blood lipids and improve immunity. It contains antioxidants that is beneficial to the kidneys. Filled with zinc which is an essential nutrient for the synthesis of male hormones and bone formation, it can improve the absorption rate of calcium and prevent osteoporosis while strengthening the bones.


Curb fatigue

Mr Alan supplies the body’s need with nutrients that stimulate the nervous system and promotes metabolism. By refreshing and accelerating the body’s immune system, the product is able to successfully curb fatigue.

Increased firmness

By continuously nourishing and regenerating the core of the testicles, Mr. Alan increases firmness of the male erection.

Enhanced penile erection

By rapidly increasing blood flow, Mr Alan enhances the male erection by providing rich nutrients for nourishment and quickening the metabolism of penile tissue. This helps combat erectile dysfunction and boosts sexual performance.

Energy and libido boost

Mr Alan promotes development of androgen, elevating sperm motility and quality, thereby increasing sexual prowess and giving you the energy for longer-lasting pleasure.

Enhance sperm

With ingredients that helps and replenishes the kidney, Mr Alan is able to restore vitality and improve the quality and motility of sperm.

Consistent quality

With advanced production technology and a dedicated team, we ensure the consistent quality of our product.

Civilization continuity

Sexual dysfunction has been a challenge throughout history. By furthering research, Mr Alan aims for more breakthrough by slowly uncovering pomegranate’s nutritional value and efficacy.

Innovative technology

Using leading global technology, nutrients that are scientifically proven to boost libido are compressed into Mr Alan.

Healthy & Safe

We bring healthy, non-addictive products with no side effects to enhance your sex life.



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